big boy box by uf
Big Boy Box is a collection of unique NFTs handcrafted by the artist UF. In this collection, we will travel through different times to remember our favorite cartoon characters. This project seeks to attract all lovers of mythical animated series such as Johnny Bravo, Pokémon, Supernenas, Dragon Ball, and more.
Created by uf
Every month we will make a drop of 24 NFTs + 1 special NFT which will be a gift for the buyer that has bought the NFT relationated to the special one. The first drop of Big Boy Box will be focused on the 90s era.
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phase 1 - welcome to the 90s
In the first phase of the project we will go into the 90s, a key moment of the animated series that marked a whole era. Some of the NFTs you will find this season are Johnny Bravo, Pumbaa, Arnold, Bulbasaur, among others.
phase 2 - the magic of the 80s
phase 3 - locked
phase 4 - locked
Big Boy Box holders will be able to enjoy different utilities, some of which are the following:
Access to the exclusive section of holders in Discord
Access to exclusive merchandising
Possibility to buy a Toy Art from your Big Boy Box NFT
Access to the whitelist of other NFT collections
Print drawing of your Big Boy Box NFT
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Sometimes, surprised, I find myself a traveler through my own memories. As an explorer who is moved to discover what the sea of memories has washed up , in the form of memories, on the shores of the present. Memories, some vague, others broken, almost all of them incomplete and a few, a mere few, so clear that it would seem as real as the air breathed. But all of them, clear and cloudy, timid and intense, one after another, places on the map of what I have experienced what I am accepting as the profile of my existence. A tangle of paths that intersect that twist in an apparent chaos but that point to a single reference direction, that of that lost Ithaca that is childhood, and that with my work I try to rescue from the mist of oblivion. A territory irretrievably lost but that I feel occupies, invisibly, the marrow of my bones and perspires, in the form of nostalgia, through a whole constellation of small objects and endearing images that I treasure as doors to the past, as a balm with which to make myself and my time more livable.
What is shown and what is hidden, what we see and what we assume. If we veil a part of the object we invite the imagination to complete the rest. But the structure of the veil inevitably colors the perception of the object. The veil can become a disturbing mask that makes us uncomfortable in front of what we have seen or an innocent box that invites us to get close and play. A carton box becomes a metaphor for an encounter, the one that occurs between what the object contributes and its memory and the projection on it of the experiences lived and the passage of time.
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Unlock your childhood memories and join our community with the rest of the Big Boy Box members.
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